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8 Smart Instagram Features You Must Use To Organize Your Instagram Feed
01 August 2019

8 Smart Instagram Features You Must Use To Organize Your Instagram Feed



These days social media apps introduce updates to their features almost every week. And, keeping up to date with all the new features can be a difficult task. But being a marketer, you must keep track of every newly introduced feature because your social media marketing strategy depends on these features.

Marketers spend a good amount of time on Instagram for marketing purposes as it has nearly a billion users. Here you can see the top 8 Instagram features that you will need to make Instagram easy and fun.


  1. Instagram Stories

‘Stories’ is a beautiful feature. You can share unlimited pictures and videos as stories. These stories disappear automatically after 24 hrs. They appear as little circles at the top of your followers’ feed. Stories can show video recordings up to 15 secs and images for 10 secs. You can also hide your stories from certain users by changing story settings.


  1. Push Notifications

Push notifications can be very useful for getting the latest updates from the accounts you follow. All you need to do is turn on post notification for your favorite accounts. A study shows that users who enabled push notifications engaged three times more than those who opted out.


  1. Image Filters

Instagram has 40 built-in filters which you can use while posting pictures or videos. You can manage your favorite filters by selecting the gear icon at the end of the filter list.


  1. Multiple Accounts

If you have 2 or more Instagram accounts, you get access to a feature to switch between multiple accounts from a single application. For marketers, it’s a great feature to maintain multiple Instagram accounts from a single device.


  1. Instagram TV (IGTV)

Using this f

eature, you can share videos that are up to 1 hr. long. This feature is beneficial for those marketers who create and share video content.


  1. Mute Accounts

Instagram also added the Mute feature which allows you to mute those accounts you follow but don’t want to see their feeds. This feature helps you to avoid certain account posts without unfollowing them, thus giving you more power to filter feeds.


  1. Emoji Slider Polls

Instagram now uses emoticons for polling whether users are liking or disliking any post. You can use this to rate your products and gain awareness of the tastes of your audience.


  1. Archive Posts

Instagram now has an Archive Feature which lets you hide photos and videos from your profile without deleting them. This way you can bring back the pics to make them visible if you want to. To Archive the post, you need to go to the options menu of certain posts and click on Archive. Clicking "Archive" will send your selected posts into the Archive folder that isn't shown on your profile. You're the only one that can see anything saved in this folder.


These features may seem tricky when you use them for the first time but once you learn them, you can easily make use of them like a pro. So, give all these features a try and get a better Instagram experience.



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