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How to Create A Perfect Instagram Business Account
01 August 2019

How to Create A Perfect Instagram Business Account



If you are already using Facebook, learning how to set up an Instagram business profile is easy. Instagram is easy to use and less time-consuming. To promote a brand, setting up an Instagram business profile is necessary and effective. With the help of the following steps, you can either change your normal account to a business account or directly start using a business account.


Download the App

If you have never used Instagram, you can simply download the application. Instagram is available for smartphones, tablets, and computers through the Apple iOS, Google Play, and Windows app stores.

You can use this application smoothly on your mobile devices. Some features of Instagram don’t work for desktop and regular web browsers. To use them, you will need to add some plugins to desktops and regular web browsers.


Account Creation

You can create the account in two ways. You can either sign up with your email address or phone number or you can log in with your Facebook account if you already have one.


Connect to Facebook

To use the Instagram business page, you must connect your account with a Facebook Business Page. Go to the settings menu and select ‘Switch to business profile’ option.

Click through the promo slideshow until you get a prompt to connect to Facebook. Select ‘Choose a page’ and set the page to ‘public’. Click ‘OK’. Instagram will ask you to manage Facebook pages.

You need to select the Facebook business page that you have created and then click on ‘Next’. If you are the admin, you can easily complete the step.

If you have not created any Facebook business page, you can have one by creating a new page by selecting the option ‘Create One’ from the bottom of the screen. You can set a title for your page and choose a category that best suits your business from the following –

  • Books and magazines
  • Brands and products
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Event sources
  • Local businesses
  • Websites and blogs

Categories help people to find out your pages in searches.


Profile Setup

You need to perform a few profile settings by entering your email id, phone number, and the valid address that you are using for your business. Some of the information will be already filled if you have connected with a Facebook profile.

After entering all the details, click on ‘Done’ and go to your profile. You will see a new graph icon at the top of the Instagram app. It’s the insights page that will let you know about the promotion and engagements statistics.


Profile Editing

To add a photo, bio, and websites, you need to go back to your profile and click on ‘Edit Your Profile’. As you change your account from personal to business, you need to change the photo and username related to your business.

While writing the bio, you can put some interesting engagement lines, links, or hashtags.


Invite Your Contacts

After building a perfect profile, you must invite your contacts to follow your business profile. In the settings option, go to the ‘Invite Facebook Friends’ option. Through this option, you can send a notification to your entire Facebook network.

You can also use the ‘Invite friends’ option to access other networks like Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Yahoo! contacts. The more followers you have, the more social media reliability your business will get.


Add Photos

Now, you can start uploading photos to your Instagram gallery. You can select filters to give a new look to your photos. To upload the photos, you need to click the cross shaped ‘Add’ button and your phone gallery will be opened from where you can upload the desired photos.

You can also use Instagram stories to upload pictures that will disappear after 24 hrs.


Instagram is easy to tackle. Short visual posts get viral easily and can garner you lots of followers. You must use it as an online digital tool to grow your business.


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