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Proven Instagram Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Business
01 August 2019

8 Proven Instagram Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Business



Instagram is one of the best social media marketing platforms used by marketers to expand their brand awareness. Instagram emerged as a social networking site where users share images and videos only. But now the concept has changed and Instagram has become a major social media marketing platform. Over 300 million people share their photos, videos, and stories daily on Instagram. It is enough to use it for your business growth.

Below, you can discover effective tips that can enhance your Instagram marketing and expand your brand awareness.


  1. Switch to Business Profile

Instagram has announced some business tools which is going to help businesses to know their followers and continue to grow. When you switch your account to business, you can include additional information related to your business, like your phone number, email address and your business’s physical address.


  1. Upload a Suitable Profile Picture

The image you upload as your Instagram profile picture must relate to your business, so that people can recognize what the account is all about. You can also use a logo or mascot for your business.


  1. Add an Attractive Bio

Viewer’s opinion plays a big role in brand building. So, first impressions are quite important. Your Instagram bio should be attractive, clear and real. Your bio is the first thing that is seen by users. Your bio can entice them to either follow you or reject you. Your bio should be a precise explanation of your brand or business that attract your target audience.


  1. Add Links

Instagram allows clickable links in the bio. By adding your website link, you can easily drive your Insta traffic to your homepage. Many brands keep on updating the links in their bio to drive traffic to their latest posts.


  1. Use Fonts Carefully

Using text over photos and videos are in trend now. If you use text in your content, make sure you use the font consistently. Content with the same font and layout are more recognizable.


  1. Use Captions

Captions can enhance your content. They are used to share stories, making short headlines to posts or asking questions. The maximum limit of Instagram captions is 2200 characters.


  1. Posting Activity

Your posting schedule and pattern can engage your audience. If you post your content on a consistent schedule, users expect the next delivery after a fixed time interval which makes them curious about your content and thus, they become a regular follower.


  1. Keep Your Eye on Your Best Posts

You must analyze your best and wort posts. It will let you know what’s working and what’s not. You can do it by checking your posts to see which is getting the most interest and engagement. Instagram’s business profile provides analytics that will let you understand the trends.


The engagement on Instagram is stronger than on any other social media channel. You can try these strategies to make the best use of Instagram marketing.

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